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Registered: 04/26/10
Posts: 1,572
I've noticed that the most recent way to insult the South seems to be to ask why Black Confederate soldiers don't have "Black Confederate" written on their tombstone. I've seen this on pro-Union sites.

I posted this today and here's that same, ridiculous complaint as well as my response...

Black Confederate soldier to be honoured Saturday

'The 7th annual Richard Poplar Day Memorial will honor Pvt. Richard Poplar this Saturday during National POW/MIA Recognition Week. The public is invited to this program which will start at 11:30 a.m. at Memorial Hill in Blandford Cemetery.'
Rob Chievers said...

Why does his tombstone not have Black Confederate listed on it since it is so important?

PalmettoPatriot said...

Do the White soldiers have "White Confederate Veteran" written on theirs? Do the Indians have "Indian Confederate" on theirs? How about the Spanish ones or whatever? That would be utterly ridiculous. He was a Confederate soldier. Period.

Southern Nationalist Network

Old Timer
Registered: 12/13/06
Posts: 11,882
Do the White soldiers have "White Confederate Veteran" written on theirs? Do the Indians have "Indian Confederate" on theirs? How about the Spanish ones or whatever? That would be utterly ridiculous. He was a Confederate soldier. Period.


I'm sure there should be some school left that still offers Logic, and if so, I would highly recommend you attempt to pass it........

Brock Townsend
"I say we cannot know your suffering, but this we do know; We love and honour you, veterans, and are justly proud of the heritage you have given us. Just so long as warm blood flows in the veins of man, so long will the words 'Confederate Veteran' cause that blood to tingle with glorious pride, and, if there be one among us, born in our glorious Southland who is not so thrilled, every drop of stagnant blood proclaims him bastard to the South-a coward to all the world."

Joseph Powell Pippen, Esq.
(My Grandfather)
Excerpt from his speech on August 10th 1911 to a Confederate Veteran gathering on Confederate Memorial Day at "Mosby Hall," Littleton, NC the plantation of my great Grandfather, Private, "Captain" Lt. Colonel John *Pelopidas Leach.

Registered: 02/10/08
Posts: 1,829

Excellent response!


Registered: 06/16/08
Posts: 186
Betcha gonna find "Colored Troops" on union graves of Black soldiers.

And who is "racist"?

Old Timer
Registered: 12/21/06
Posts: 2,192
because the South didn't discriminate or segregate Black Confederates. in the battlefield white and black didn't matter, they were all gray.

"All the South has ever desired was that the Union, as established by our forefathers, should be preserved, and that the government, as originally organized, should be administered in purity and truth."

~ Robert E. Lee- January 5, 1866

Registered: 06/16/08
Posts: 186
Billy Yank drivel. Here is his response to my comment on "Colored Trooops"

Pawmetto, I believe you are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. The United States Colored Troops is a specific unit of the military just as the 60th Illinois or the 2nd Wisconsin of the Iron Brigade. So I would expect that USCT would appear on the tombstones of the actual soldiers who fought in the USCT.

That is not being racist…it is being historically accurate unlike claiming blacks and whites were fighting side by side in the confederate ranks.

My response...

Really Corey?

Do Tell Mr. King of Smug.

You in fact were making some point trying to denigrate the presence of Black Confederate troops because no “separate ” designation existed for their grave monuments.Ergo not many of them fought is your pitiful analogy.

The letters written home from Confederate soldiers prove the existence of Black Confederates who fought.Nathan Bedford Forest praised them. Because records were not accurate on BOTH sides, you assume these men were exceptions to the rule.

More yankee drivel to assuage guilt of attacking us and starting a war. If you cannot refute our cause, you post lies and assumptions about our fighting men of all races. Wonder why no Native American units existed in yankeeland? That is a fact.

I’ll answer your response on racism with this..

In fact the term “colored troops” is offensive and racist today. Many courthouse monuments to WWI and WWII black soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines were changed from a “separate but equal” designation on the monument(colored or negro) to all inclusive regardless of race.

Finally. The Union “Clored Troops” were segregated and had only white officers. Most of them were rounded up and forced to serve. They were ill trained and in most instances slaughtered as cannon fodder. So by design, yankee racism was evident in how these soldiers were used.

Smoke that in your pipe.

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